Color by Numbers


Beautiful fairies will show you their amazing world. It's full of fragrant flowers, berries and fresh summer air. The land of fairies is populated by charming inhabitants. They look like elegant butterflies fluttering around.


Dinosaurs lived on Earth millions of years ago, long before our ancestors emerged on the face of the planet. These amazing animals boggle our imagination by their variety and size.

  • Animals

    The jolly and funny animals seem impatient for you to paint them with your favorite colors.

  • Princesses

    Let your young artist color in these enchanting princesses and heroines from here favorite stories.

  • Vehicles

    There’s a car so suit any boy’s taste - once he’s found one, he can color it in with his favorite colors.

  • Flowers

    Beautiful flowers make them feel the joys of spring, and the painting process turns into an enthralling game.

  • Christmas

    These coloring pages depict your favorite Christmas characters and the main symbols of the festive season.

  • Halloween

    These coloring pages depict the main symbols of Halloween, conjuring up all the ancient stories and legends.

Connect the Dots


To learn what is in a picture, connect all the dots by alphabet or by numbers. The resulting picture can be colored into your favorite colors.

  • Dinosaurs

  • Fruits

  • Ocean

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